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 Why, Rock Property Management?

In just a few minutes, I can tell you how we save you time and money.  During enrollment we begin by taking a look into your properties strength and weaknesses. This will give you the ability to possibly resolve issues before they happen with preventive inspections and maintenance that may save you thousands down the road.  Unfortunately most people do not have the time nor energy to maintain a dwelling, but at Rock we take the burden out of maintaining your space, no matter residential or commercial we will provide an in depth report on the inner and outer workings of your single, multi or commercial dwelling.

Did you know by maintaining your dwelling with professional services quarterly and annually could save you tons of money in the future.

Ways we save you $$$

We believe in high tech, well thought of unique service routines to give you a thorough check list of Property Wealth. Rock’s technicians can come out to your dwelling and provide you with an inspection and provide you with more information about our maintenance packages. We offer customized packages that provide routine maintenance throughout the year that save you from being overwhelmed by a buildup of issues. This advanced checklist will explain your property in depth and provide technicians with prerecorded information to deliver fast and reliable service.  Every property managed has a online system to handle work flow to our on call technicians, so if you or your resident needs assistance you can simply request service using our Ticket System. Our system provides work orders to technicians with the ability to change ticket urgency and status in real time. Surprise, we find that our cost are lower because we actually maintain properties, sounds simple right?   Most of the other guys are unreliable and run on a frustrating concept, since most property management company’s just rely on cold calling random contractors to see if there able to complete the work in 5 sec. So these management company’s call multiple technicians for the same job resulting in over charges that didn’t even need to happen. Rock Express was created by technicians with the idea to do better business. We understand the concept of maintenance, that’s why we created the property check list and routine maintenance list. Our automated system will send our technicians to thoroughly inspect your property and investigate the properties inner and outer workings looking for preventive steps to prevent expensive fixes. Are highly trained technicians can do monthly, quarterly and annual inspections. We provide an exclusive service that could only be possible with in house technicians trained by the name you trust. Below you may take a look at some of the services on the checklist.


Check List 2017


BSMT – Structural

  • Check basement for dampness or Leakage
  • Check Water Flow – Drainage
  • Check for Cracked walls – Note biggest gap in inches.
  • Check exposed wood for rot, insects or damages.
  • Check Doors / Windows – Note changes in alignment.
  • Check wall/ ceiling for cracks – Note changes
  • Check floors/ Stairs / Railing. Note safety concerns




  • Check Faucet, under sink, valves and bibs for leakage.
  • Check toilets for proper operation.
  • Check septic for build up (if applicable)
  • Check water heater / pressure relief valve.
  • Check bathroom joints, tile, surround and under sink
  • Visually check wall for mold
  • Check dispensers for proper operation.


Heating / Cooling

  • Change, clean air filters /monthly
  • Clean furnace humidifier twice a season.
  • Have entire system inspected by a qualified technicians.
  • Turn off A/C disconnects during winter months.
  • Window units will be removed during winter months.
  • Wood stove/ fireplaces inspected and cleaned.
  • Clean ducts every 3-5 years



  • Check for utility rebates.
  • Check breakers/ switches/ disconnects/ receptacles.
  • Test / Check GFCI’s
  • Room timers with auto shut off
  • Inspect exterior service drop and meter socket for water.
  • Check light bulb size and report money saving options.
  • Check for money saving features prox / occupancy sensors.
  • Ask about the green switch.
  • Check motion control / timers / photo cells.
  • Maintain parking lot lighting. When needed



  • Check walls and ceiling for cracks.
  • Check roof vents and soffit for blockage.
  • Inspect roof for soft spots.
  • Inspect window and door weather strips
  • Lubricate, check window hardware.
  • Check windows for broken glass and screens.
  • Check window for unusual condensation.
  • Technicians report mold sightings / water.


Grounds / Garage

  • Check for overgrowth on siding / roof / drainage.
  • Inspect / clean deck .
  • Inspect sidewalks
  • Check lawn lighting.
  • Inspect retaining walls and fences
  • Inspect pavement. Note safety concerns.
  • Lawn care services. Twice a month
  • Bring in outdoor furniture for winter months.



  • Power wash. When needed
  • Check masonry for sign of mortar and cracks.
  • Inspect sidewalks
  • Clean gutters and downspout.(Annually)
  • Check for paint failures.
  • Window cleaning
  • Check chimney and vent.
  • Technicians report insect sightings.



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