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how much to install 200 amp service

Question: how much to install 200 amp service ?

How much to install 200 amp service?  Let’s start by understanding what a 200 amp service means. A 200 amp service comes in a few parts, the service panel and the service entrance. The service entrance is the wire and meter that takes the power from the utility company and feeds your service panel. Example 2 is a perfect example of a 200 amp service entrance.  The service entrance includes a weatherhead at the top of the drop to prevent water from entering the spliced end. The wire will run vertically down the house and enter the meter socket. The meter socket is an enclosure with a socket.  This socket must be compatible with utility meter. Meters are a way for utility company to keep track of usage. After the wire exits the meter socket it enters the home and feeds a panel within 3 ft of entrance. Once the service panel is fed with the new entrance wire we can learn about the service panel. The service panel is a load center that supplies the power to all your devices. Load centers have resettable breakers to prevent overloading of circuits. Circuit breakers can prevent fires due to overloading.

So, how much to install 200 amp service ?

Well that all depends on multiple things, does your service entrance look familiar to example 2? Example 2 is a 200 amp service drop from an aerial tri plex or 3 wire from service utility company.  If you have this type of service and your panel is within 3ft of wire entrance you would expect to pay $1900-$3200 depending on service location. Most services range around $8-$12 an amp.

how much to install 200 amp service in the Pittsburgh area?

how much to install 200 amp service?

Service Size Category Vendor County Time Amount
200 Amp Service SEU GE Allegheny 4-6 Hours $2000.00
200 Amp Service Underground GE Allegheny 4-6 Hours $1600.00
200 Amp Service Pipe GE Allegheny 4-6 Hours $2600.00



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how much to install 200 amp service

how much to install 200 amp service

how much to install 200 amp service

how much to install 200 amp service – Example 2

Whats included in the 100 Amp service package?

  1. New connection to utility companies point of attachment
  2. New 100 amp Weather Head
  3. New 100 amp SEU wire  Up to 30′
  4. New 100 amp service Meter Socket
  5. New 100 amp service 20 Circuit Electric Panel Upgrade with 10 appropriate breakers
  6. Ground Rod connection
  7. Water meter connection

Some more details

Typically most 100 amp service panels will take approximately  2-4 Hours.  This 100 amp service will include new 100 amp service entrance wire from the top weather head, down to the new 100 amp service meter socket, new 100 amp service wire from meter socket into new 100 amp service panel inside. We will install new ground rods if needed and a ground to the water meter if needed. This 100 amp service will replace your entire 100 amp service with new.  All appropriate breakers are supplied.


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We also offer new 150 Amp Service upgrades / 200 Amp Service upgrades / 400 Amp Service upgrades / 1200 Amp Service upgrades and all services come complete with a lifetime workmanship guarantee. We have been offering great service to the Pittsburgh area for generations, Iv’e personally spent my life doing electrical and web design. We are not a huge company with huge overheads or worthless people that serve no purpose. At Rock we offer great technicians and a truck, its as simple as that.  All calls are answered 24/7 by owner. Call: (412) 690-0737

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We have the ability to upgrade all panels including single phase electric panels, three phase electric panels

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